Studies show that Monday’s are unanimously the worst day of the week. However, these studies do not apply to Brolic Beats. Here at Brolic Beats, Monday’s mean a new episode of Swoltastic Radio or as we call it: Steroids for your eardrums.

Guestmix duties for Episode 008 belong to New Yorker Sunday Attire. Jake, now a one-man-show, also answered a few questions in an exclusive interview with us. In the interview, we learn of the early stages of Sunday Attire, which include major influences and the origin of the name. Jake also shares his insight on the recent EDM “explosion” and how he sees it playing out over the next few years. Oh and we find out Jake’s favorite food, drink(s), and Sunday Attire outfit! Click past the break to read the full interview…

00. Intro (Siri x Rocky Balboa x Jack Trammell)
01. Hydra – Vader (Original Mix) *Youngblood of the Week*
02. Victor Niglio & Junkie Kid – STFU (Original Mix)
03. Don Diablo – Black Mask (Original Mix) *Brolic Track of the Month*
04. Charlie Darker – Jigsaw (Original Mix)
05. The Chainsmokers – #SEFLIE (Instrumental Club Mix)
06. Gareth Emery feat. Krewella – Lights & Thunder (Deorro Remix)
07. Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Cokehead & Deficio Remix)
08. Tom Swoon, Lush & Simon – Ahead Of Us (Original Mix)

Sunday Attire Guestmix:
09. Madskou – Jaeger (Original Mix) X Kaskade – Atmosphere (Amtrac Remix)
10. Audien – Elysium X Pharell – Happy (Chachi Bootleg)
11. Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up for Detroit X Martin Garrix – Animals (Dalton Bootleg)
12. The Aston Shuffle & Tommy Trash, The Chainsmokers – Talk is Cheap (Marquee Sunrise Edit) X Tiga – Plush (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
13. Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Elephante Remix) X Tony Romera – Get Fat (SundayAttire Bootleg)
14. Avicii – You Make Me (Throttle Remix) X Lunde Bros – Slapper X La Roux – Bulletproof (SundayAttire Bootleg)
15. Tritonal – Deep Into Black (feat. Underdown) [Club Mix]
16. Tove Lo – Habits (The Chainsmokers Remix)
17. Oliver – Control (Nom de Strip Remix)
18. Rihanna vs. Tritonal vs. Whyel – Monsters Never Wear Raybans (MAKJ Short Edit)
19. Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma – Dare You (Cash Cash Remix)
20. Steve Angello – Knas (Dillon Francis Remix) X Jay-Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder (SundayAttire Mashup)

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Brolic Beats recently had the honor of catching up with Miami DJ/Producer Sharkoffs. In the interview, we learn how the Sharkoffs name came to be, as well as his production influences. We get to know Sharkoffs’ opinion on the current state of EDM and learn how hard it is staying true to one’s sound. We also find out how much of a b*tch it is to get the almighty shark fin helmet through airport security. Oh, and of course we also asked who his dream workout partner would be. Click past the break for the full interview and also for Sharkoffs’ latest original “Beast Mode”!

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Brolic Beats recently had the pleasure to catch up with exploding British DJ/Producer Kryder. Kryder’s sound is quite distant from most; it is characterized as “Stadium-sized House” due to a cultivation of house, trance, and electro elements.

In the interview, we learn of the early stages of Kryder’s career, as well as those he saw as major influences. Kryder talks about his massive remix on Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” and how it came to life. Kryder also talks about his relationship with Tom Staar and the success that’s come from it. The end of interview concludes with a few hints at what we can expect in the near furture in terms of productions and gigs. Click past the break to read the full interview!

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Brolic Beats had the opportunity to catch up with rising singer/songwriter Zoe in an exclusive interview. The Calabria-born talent, now based out of Toronto, has been steadily making a name for herself in the dance music scene across the entire world. We discussed the early stages of her singing career, as well as some of her musical inspirations. We got to know a bit of what she does outside of the singing world as well as her thoughts on the so-called “EDM Bubble.” Zoe also talked about what’s to come from her for the rest of 2013 with regard to productions and performances. Click past the break to read the full interview! 

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TG 1

Tristan Garner is continously proving why he should stand atop the French electronic scene. Tristan’s production style is anything but standard with his rock/punk infused elements. His simple motto “Fuck trends and be yourself” is captured beautifully here. Such style brought tremendous success with hits “Overdrive,” “Punx,” and most recently “Machine Gun” which were released on his homemade Xtra Life label, a subdivision of Strictly Rhythm.

Brolic Beats had the opportunity to catch up with the French sensation and had him answer a few of our questions. We learned of his biggest influence – Daft Punk. We also got his opinion on how he sees EDM evolving over the next few years. The future of his productions as well as his Xtra Life imprint were also discussed. Check past the break for the full interview as well as Tristan’s “X Mix”!

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I absolutely would not be lying if I said that Rutgers University is a hotbed for upcoming DJs. Between basement house parties, raging frat parties, and jam-packed bars, the supply just never seems to catch up to the demand. In the past, RU has shipped off names like Aylen & Huge Euge to clubs up the street in Gotham and the rest of the real world. And now comes a new son of Moombah & Trap, Mark Shvartsman, a.k.a. Brostradamus.

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Despite a jam-packed WMC/MMW schedule, German producer Thomas Gold was able to squeeze us in for a quick interview. We caught Gold inside his illustrious Fanfare tour bus on Wednesday (March 20th) after he had already played Space, Wall, and Ultra. We briefly talked about those shows and got positive feedback immediately. Curious about the extent of his shows, we asked Gold how his festival sets differ from standard club sets. We also got his insight on the heavily-debated top of ranking DJs, specificlly DJ Mag‘s Top 100. Click past the break to read the full interview!

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This year’s Winter Music Conference played host to a number of talented DJs and producers from all over the world. We were fortunate to sit down and talk to one of those groups; that being the rising Norwegian duo of CLMD (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle). We met up with Carl & Martin on Monday (March 18th) at the W Hotel in South Beach; the duo had already played Wall and Shelbourne Hotel on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. We briefly talked about those shows and then learned a bit of their production style and how they produce as a duo. Recently moving to NYC last December, we asked CLMD how life in New York compares to Norway, including the house music scene. We also asked how their remix of Arty’s “Together We Are” came to be. For some fun, we ended the interview by getting their opinion on the “Harlem Shake” epidemic. Click past the break to read the full interview!

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For our first episode of Brolic Beats Studio Sessions, we made a trip out to Livingston, NJ to the studio of DJ/Producer Hydra. Kevin handled our rapid “Brolic” fire questionnaire quite well so we dug deeper into how the 21 year-old producer came to be where he is now. We also got his opinion on the current state of “EDM” and whether this rapid explosion is positive or not. Without hesitation, he stated “I’m loving it.”

During studio time, Hydra first walked us through his set up. His neighbors certainly don’t approve of his club speakers, but you can never have enough bass right? Hydra then took us through some elementary lessons in the foundation of a beat/track via his trusted FL Studio. Amongst the tracks  that he took us through, Hydra gave us a sneak peak of his unreleased “Voltage” which screams electro madness. Plenty more is left in the tank for this youngblood so be sure to stay connected with him via Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.


Nick Spangenberg aka “Nicky Spankz,” Brolic Beats sponsored bodybuilder, sat down with us for a short Q&A session. The interview contains useful information to people interested in living fit, being healthy, and gaining muscle and knowledge about fitness. After reading the interview, be sure to check out his bulking meal plan, as well as some more pictures of him, and not to mention some information on his competition (2013 NPC Muscle Beach) by clicking HERE.

Brolic Beats: What is your favorite muscle to hit at the gym and why?
Nick Spangenberg: My favorite muscle to train has to be my chest, most people hate Mondays but I can’t wait for it because its chest day! I think personally for a while my chest was my weakest feature but has responded quickest to my new workout routines and has grown and became much stronger very quickly.

BB: At what age did you start lifting and how did you get into it?
NS: I starting going to the gym when I was about 17 but I was doing everything wrong and didn’t get serious into lifting until about two years ago when I became an Exercise Science major at MSU (Montclair State University. I realized if I was going to be successful there were going to be two things that will get me there, my grades and my body, anyone in the upper echelon of the training world would never hire the overweight or scrawny kid so I knew I had to step it up.

BB: What made you decide to participate in the physique/bodybuilding competition and why that specific one?
NS: I think a few things made me decide to enter into the physique competition. At one point about 2 months ago I realized that I was beginning to be at what consider my physical best and getting bigger and in better shape, and then a thought came into my head, what if my training and 6 days a week in the gym had a purpose. I thought what would be the ultimate challenge would be to become a competitor in the NPC. I chose physique because I liked the idea of having the aesthetic look. I give credit to the bodybuilder who have insane mass and vascularity with almost no fat but to me the aesthetic physique look is something I’d rather have and I can succeed in doing.

BB: How do you go about partying? Are things different now that you have to focus more on your body?
NS: What’s this thing you call partying? Haha I can’t say I’ve been to the bars much lately but I definitely enjoy the occasional night out with my girl or some friends. Also at dinner I’ve been thinking healthy lately, at times substituting a soda or cocktail with a nice red wine ( I sound like an old lady I know lol)

BB: Let’s hear your opinion on supplements. Which to take and why?
NS: Supplements… I love my current stack, I think theres nothing wrong with proper supplementation. My whey protein that I’m using and absolutely love is Platinum Hydro Whey (cookies n cream). Some people may say its too expensive or not worth it, I did the research, it’s the best there is at that price. For creatine I like Concret because they make a strand of Creatine HCl which is shown to make more Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP, the essential energy source for muscle tissue. Also I take casein at night and use a few different pre-workouts on different days ( I like 1mr and ripped freak)

BB: What is the best meal to gain weight?
NS: The best meal is a consistent balanced one, to gain weight it’s 50% diet, 50% lifting heavy, and 100% dedication. Everyday I have 4 meals of an 8 ounce tuna, steak, chicken, tilapia and salmon mix with brown rice, quinoa and a mix of veggies. During my bulking period I cheat often but I make sure to keep my cheating meals healthy and balanced.

BB: What is the best way to cut fat but keep muscle size?
NS: Best way to keep the muscle and lose fat is proper dieting, to lose the weight eating right is most important. I believe in the saying abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. You need to have a great balance of cardio, lifting and eating right. Only then will you hold on to your muscle gains. Whatever you do, don’t let your lifting fall to the side in importance.

BB: Any advice for gym novices?
NS: Get a trainer! Don’t be like me having wasted my hours, days, months of learning how to workout the wrong ways. It wasn’t until I became an exercise science major until I learned all of the things I was doing wrong. But before you go out and get a trainer, FIND OUT THEIR BACKGROUND OF STUDY. They have to tell you and if they don’t its because they’re embarked of there b/s weekend certification. A good background and educated trainer may have an NSCA, ACSM certification or a bachelors degree in adult fitness or if your lucky find a trainer who has a bachelors of science is exercise science.

BB: Give us your take on what “Massing” means.
NS: To me ‘massing’ sounds like bulking. Putting in those gritty never ending hours of dedicating lifting to gain every ounce of muscle mass.

BB: What does being “standard” mean?
NS: Standard is being legit, that guy whose epic and is the real deal, being standard is being awesome.

We want to thank Nick for taking the time and effort to do this interview as we greatly appreciate it. Stay tuned for some exclusive workout regimes and meal plans from the one and only Nicky Spankz!