Studies show that Monday’s are unanimously the worst day of the week. However, these studies do not apply to Brolic Beats. Here at Brolic Beats, Monday’s mean a new episode of Swoltastic Radio or as we call it: Steroids for your eardrums.

Guestmix duties for Episode 008 belong to New Yorker Sunday Attire. Jake, now a one-man-show, also answered a few questions in an exclusive interview with us. In the interview, we learn of the early stages of Sunday Attire, which include major influences and the origin of the name. Jake also shares his insight on the recent EDM “explosion” and how he sees it playing out over the next few years. Oh and we find out Jake’s favorite food, drink(s), and Sunday Attire outfit! Click past the break to read the full interview…

00. Intro (Siri x Rocky Balboa x Jack Trammell)
01. Hydra – Vader (Original Mix) *Youngblood of the Week*
02. Victor Niglio & Junkie Kid – STFU (Original Mix)
03. Don Diablo – Black Mask (Original Mix) *Brolic Track of the Month*
04. Charlie Darker – Jigsaw (Original Mix)
05. The Chainsmokers – #SEFLIE (Instrumental Club Mix)
06. Gareth Emery feat. Krewella – Lights & Thunder (Deorro Remix)
07. Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Cokehead & Deficio Remix)
08. Tom Swoon, Lush & Simon – Ahead Of Us (Original Mix)

Sunday Attire Guestmix:
09. Madskou – Jaeger (Original Mix) X Kaskade – Atmosphere (Amtrac Remix)
10. Audien – Elysium X Pharell – Happy (Chachi Bootleg)
11. Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up for Detroit X Martin Garrix – Animals (Dalton Bootleg)
12. The Aston Shuffle & Tommy Trash, The Chainsmokers – Talk is Cheap (Marquee Sunrise Edit) X Tiga – Plush (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
13. Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Elephante Remix) X Tony Romera – Get Fat (SundayAttire Bootleg)
14. Avicii – You Make Me (Throttle Remix) X Lunde Bros – Slapper X La Roux – Bulletproof (SundayAttire Bootleg)
15. Tritonal – Deep Into Black (feat. Underdown) [Club Mix]
16. Tove Lo – Habits (The Chainsmokers Remix)
17. Oliver – Control (Nom de Strip Remix)
18. Rihanna vs. Tritonal vs. Whyel – Monsters Never Wear Raybans (MAKJ Short Edit)
19. Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma – Dare You (Cash Cash Remix)
20. Steve Angello – Knas (Dillon Francis Remix) X Jay-Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder (SundayAttire Mashup)


Brolic Beats: If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Sunday Attire: Power Mimicry. Basically that’s the infinite wishes upon three wishes response but if this is a real superpower then I want it. Rap like Jay? Dance like Bey? Dunk like Lebron? Shred like Trey? Pass like Tom? Move like Ali? Yea I’ll take it all.

BB: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

SA: I wanted to be an “electrician” as I recall telling my parents when I was very young. In hindsight, I had no idea what that meant but I knew I loved messing with audio/visual equipment. I’m pretty sure my parents’ house is now wired such that no one else can operate the surround sound system without me there. But when I am there, it’s BANGIN!

BB: One food that you could live off the rest of your life?

SA: Pizza. Next Question.

BB: Favorite alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverage of choice?

SA: I’m a ridiculous sweet tooth so I love soda – doesn’t matter what kind – Coke, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Dr. Pepper I love it all. Alcoholic beverage – I’ve been into Jameson on the rocks for a while now – used to be Patron but one bad night ruined that for me real quick.

BB: Favorite day of the week?

SA: Obviously Sunday! I do love it though – all about the reflection of Friday and Saturday nights and the full day of relaxation and hanging with good friends. I used to hate Sundays during high school but that all changed when I wasn’t forced to do homework anymore.



BB: Let’s start from the beginning. How and when did Sunday Attire come to life? How was the name chosen?

SA: It actually originally started as a duo when one of my best friends and I decided to change the way we created and played music together. I have been playing music in one form or another for about 20 years now and taught this friend how to play guitar in college at NYU. We had been writing and performing music together whenever we had the opportunity. We also had both done a lot of work in NYC nightlife together and realized that we had a great opportunity to play music for people in that setting. I had simultaneously been teaching myself about music production and he had been learning about the different platforms for DJing. When it all finally came together and started to take off at a rapid pace he ultimately realized he wasn’t able to keep up mainly because of his otherwise very busy schedule. Thus, we made the decision to make Sunday Attire a solo act, though he is still very much a part of the strategic component today.

Sunday Attire the name comes from our college days as well when all of the dudes living in our apartment (about four at any given time) would habitually roll out of bed at some point on a Sunday with only our boxers and some high socks on. We would then proceed to kick any lingering females out and recap the weekend as best we could while sipping on coffee and trying to pump life back into our system. It became something we all looked forward to and now look back on as some of the most memorable times at NYU.

BB: Who or what influenced you into becoming a DJ? What about producing?

SA: As a fan of almost all music (excluding country) I’d always been aware of the DJ / rave scene and occasionally dabbled throughout college, but it was when I visited my sister in Boulder, CO right after I graduated that I realized the unbelievable scene around what is now commonly referred to as EDM. Boulder has always been a pretty progressive place and it was years ahead of the rest of the country in this respect (except maybe Miami and Vegas). I went to a few shows with her including Deadmau5 and Pretty Lights and after partying with some local DJs I was hooked. All of the shows I saw there made we want to perform in that capacity and Deadmau5’s production is second to none in my mind. Pretty Lights was also a huge influence given his ability to incorporate live musicianship into the DJing experience which is something I am actively working on.

BB: What was your most memorable gig to date and why?

SA: Most memorable gig is the one I just played (not only because I have a shitty memory). I had the opportunity to play with The Chainsmokers at Lit UltraBar in Philadelphia for their first show there and the hype that has been created around those guys and the #selfie tour right now is unbelievable. The atmosphere was prime for a great party and I had to turn off the music at 4AM with a full crowd still wanting more, chanting and yelling for ONE MORE SONG! Also, I’ve been playing with them a fair amount over the past year and have had the unique opportunity to watch them grow and see what it takes to make it to the next level. Also have to say that my New Year’s experience this year was pretty memorable, as I had the chance to open for now Grammy Winner Cedric Gervais at Marquee NY.

BB: If you could spin B2B with any DJ on earth, who would it be and why?

SA: I would have said Deadmau5 five years ago but it doesn’t seem like he’s having as much fun playing live anymore. To me playing with the up and comers is the most fun. The fans are always so into it and there for the music not just the hype. But one DJ/producer that has certainly been around for a bit that I would really like to play with is TJR. I’m getting very into his “bounce” style tracks and have found that crowds are loving it too.

BB: What are your favorite genres of music outside of EDM? Any particular artists and/or bands?

SA: I grew up on the punk / indie / alt rock genres starting with bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Thursday, Mars Volta all the way through bands and groups like Phoenix, Justice, and pretty much anyone on French record label Kistuné.

BB: What are your thoughts the current state of EDM? Do you see it as too much of an explosion? How do you think the scene will progress over the next few years?

I was taught a long time ago that anyone who can’t embrace new technology will be left in the dust – no matter what industry you’re working in. I grew up playing saxophone and guitar, so my roots are certainly not in “EDM” but I honestly appreciate all forms of music (again except country) and think that the capabilities provided through new technology are amazing and have resulted in some awesome new music.

Yes, it is a bit of a fad right now and I do question how rapidly some of the big DJ’s put out new music. It’s easier than ever to pump out tracks that have the same sound and catchy riffs but the beautiful thing is that there are so many talented musicians out there that will continue to push the bar forward.

Ultimately, this type of music is here to stay and will influence all future genres. My hope and expectation is that there will eventually be a bit of a movement back towards live performance and instrumentation (think Disclosure if you have seen them live) and as I mentioned this is all part of the plan for Sunday Attire.

BB: What can expect from Sunday Attire for the rest of 2014 in terms of shows and any productions?

SA: Big things! I’ve been working hard on improving my production quality and plan to make more tracks that I can play live in both club and other venue settings and eventually play along with on the saxophone, keys and guitar. As far as shows, I have a number of cool opportunities in the near future including events that I’ve helped grow from the ground up. Above Broadway is (was) a great example of things to come in addition to club appearances.

BB: What was the best “sunday attire” outfit you’ve seen? What is YOUR attire for Sunday?

SA: I’ve been looking up the hashtag #sundayattire for a while now and liking my favorites. There are so many good ones it’s hard to pick and for me it’s all about being in / wearing what makes you most comfortable. In fact, that’sSunday Attire in a nutshell – you doing you, and being as comfortable as possible sharing that time with good friends. I’m of course partial to the boxers and high socks look.

Connect with Sunday Attire:


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