Brolic Beats recently had the honor of catching up with Miami DJ/Producer Sharkoffs. In the interview, we learn how the Sharkoffs name came to be, as well as his production influences. We get to know Sharkoffs’ opinion on the current state of EDM and learn how hard it is staying true to one’s sound. We also find out how much of a b*tch it is to get the almighty shark fin helmet through airport security. Oh, and of course we also asked who his dream workout partner would be. Click past the break for the full interview and also for Sharkoffs’ latest original “Beast Mode”!

Brolic Beats: Let’s start from the top. How did the name Sharkoffs come to life? What was your motivation into becoming an anonymous DJ/Producer?

Sharkoffs: Sharkoffs came about because it was my World of Warcraft username throughout my nerdy high school years. I wanted to stay anonymous because I knew that separating myself from my DJ persona would mitigate any of the possible negative effects of “blowing up”. Ego getting out of hand, cockiness, etc. So it was a way to protect myself.

BB: Did you find it easier or harder to make a name for yourself in the vastly EDM-rich city of Miami?

Sharkoffs: It was definitely alot easier to make a name for myself here, especially thanks to the dance music scene we’ve had in this city before the whole  2010 “EDM explosion”. I mean I was getting gigs at 14 – 15 years old at all ages parties at Club Space, not many people can say that haha.

BB: Who would you consider to be big time influences in the development of your
own sound and productions?

Sharkoffs: This is obviously no secret to any of my fans or as I like to call them “Finonymous”, but Wolfgang Gartner is easily one of my biggest influences. Something about his music just sparked the drive in me to want to produce on top of DJ’ing.

BB: Name the one track(s) that got you hooked on electronic music and made you say to yourself, “Hey, I want to make something like this!”

Sharkoffs: I began messing around with FL studio ever since I listened to “Botten Ana” and “DOTA” by Basshunter. But what caused me to get really serious and say “hey, I might want to do this for the rest of my life” was “Wolfgangs 5th Symphony” by Wolfgang Gartner.

BB: The almighty headgear. How on earth do you get that thing through airport
security? Has anyone ever worn it besides you? (I’m sure a lot of people ask to wear it…)

Sharkoffs: Man, this is the one thing I regret, I should have just stuck with a damn skin tight mask or something. Do you know how many times I’ve had as many as up to 7 TSA agents surround my helmet at the end of an airport security line? My “favorite” story is when I decided to check the helmet inside my suitcase and the TSA decided to do a random inspection which somehow led them to BREAKING THE FIN for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The best part was finding out they did this an hour before my show, and me having to run to some random drug store and pick up some super glue.

I tend to never let others wear it but sometimes a few people can persuade me to give it up for a second or two haha.

BB: What was your most memorable show to date and why?

Sharkoffs: My favorite show so far was definitely in Hawaii. I’ve DJ’ed a few big events, but no one ever goes harder at shows than the Hawaiian Finonymous do and no one shows more love. It’s also where I played my first outside of state gig, and one of the first places to support me from the bottom up. So i’ve always had a special connection with them.

BB: How important is your fan base to you? (i.e. your Finonymous crew)

Sharkoffs: They are the reason I continue making music. I’m the kind of person who loves seeing people love and enjoy my music, and now that i’ve developed such a tight nit family of supporters every release is just an absolute pleasure. It’s also really awesome to be able to have the Finonymous crew open up for me in certain cities that I gig in, we all support each other you know?

BB: What are your thoughts on the current state of EDM, as well as your outlook on the future? How do you stay true to your own sound for which is constantly being bombarded by the mainstream “big-room Top 10 Beatport” tracks?

Sharkoffs: The current state of EDM is a tough topic to discuss. On one hand it’s growing more then ever, on the other hand it’s becoming more and more watered down everyday. The other question that everyone seems to be asking is how long can this “boom” really last before it gives way. To be honest I don’t really have any answers for it. What I do know is whoever pioneers the next “big” sound is going to really blow up, because we’ve been stuck in this cycle of big room synths and “Epic” style drops for too long. What i’ve been doing recently is studying the structure and sound of the Beatport top 100 and trying to replicate it in Sharkoffs style/give it a bit of uniqueness. Hopefully i’ll be able to drift further and further out (no pun intended) until I have a completely distinct sound. But to really answer your question, it’s extremely difficult to stay true to your “own sound” because you’re under so much pressure to conform to what people know “works” in the charts.

BB: What’s one piece of advice that you typically give upcoming DJ’s and producers?

Sharkoffs: The best way to find success is to study the way others have done it. You have to understand what works first and then move out of the box. I see too many DJ’s/Producers trying to just start completely in left field and it ends up always backfiring because they never learn the fundamental building blocks needed to establish a good foundation.

BB: If you had to choose one food to live off for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sharkoffs: For practicality/survival purposes, Acai since I would never die of malnutrition. For fun? I love Buffalo Jerky, sounds kind of weird but you need to try it to understand how good it is.

BB: Your fantasy workout partner? (besides the Brolic Beats crew of course…)

Sharkoffs: Oh man haha, either the big man himself, Arnold, since he’s such an inspirational figure. Or possibly Kris Gethin from since his program changed my life.

And on that perfect note…BEAST MODE!!!

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