The Wanted - WOTN (The Chainsmokers Remix) Cover Art

The modern day phenoms of Indie-Alternative Progressive House are at it again. The Chainsmokers of  New York release their remix of The Wanted’s “We Own The Night.” (Not to be confused with their “We Run The Night” remix by Tonite Only). As a blogger, this does actually bring confusion but it is immediately destroyed by the innate quality of yet another pleasing Chainsmokers remix.

Quickie from the boys:  “So we generally do remixes for more alternative artists, but we saw this as a great opportunity to work with a band thats impression reaches far beyond the areas we previously had worked because truth be told, we make music because we love to and we want it to be heard by as many ppl as possible. That being said, we never ever want to sacrifice our sound, but we didn’t have to, The Wanted served up a great track (yes we know, how many ppl can actually own or run the night, too many apparently) but we heard the original and its pieces and thought we could create a song full of positive energy, like a chewable vitamins this remix goes down easy and is good for you too.”

Buy on Beatport


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