Kaskade - Atmosphere (album)

Following up his Fire And Ice album released back in 2011, American born producer Kaskade announces a release date of September 10th for his next studio album titled Atmosphere. Lead single “Atmosphere” dropped last month and is still creating euphoria at clubs and festivals worldwide. More on the album after the break…

“I think it has a little bit of everything; it’s very diverse,” says Kaskade, aka Ryan Raddon, of his eighth studio album. “If I was to squash Fire & Ice into a single rather than a double album, it might have sounded like this.”

“I’ve got a couple tunes that will be played at gigs,” he continues. ”’Atmosphere,’ I’ll be playing that. ‘Feeling The Night,’ kind of a big moment there. But then you’ve got tracks like ‘Floating’ and ‘How It Is’ that are like nothing, no drums. It’s like, ‘What?’”

01. Last Chance (feat. Project 46)
02. Why Ask Why (feat. Late Night Alumni)
03. MIA to LAS
04. No One Knows Who We Are (feat. Lights) [Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mix]
05. Feeling The Night (feat. Becky Jane Williams)
06. Take Your Mind Off
07. LAX to JFK
08. Atmosphere
09. Missing You (feat. School of Seven Bells)
10. Something Something (feat. Zip Zip Through The Night)
11. SFO to ORD
12. Floating (feat. Haley)
13. How It Is (feat. Debra Fotheringhamg)
14. Atmosphere (Kaskade Redux Edit)


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