Fenech Soler - Last Forever (The Chainsmokers Remix) COVER ART

“So we actually wrote Fenech-Soler a while back with interest in working on their track ‘Magnetic,’ but we were too late it had already ran its course… Lucky for us they offered up their upcoming single ‘Last Forever’ and we loved it! We couldn’t be more excited to work with a band like Fenech-Soler, they have a great fresh sound, are working their asses off just as we are, and they have British accents, we love British accents… The only trouble of this song was the tempo. So, with that in mind we had to stretch the vocals but it actually turned out really nice over our chords. On top of that our chord work on the remix is a structure we had been playing with for a while and were very happy when the chords paired up nicely with the emotion of the song and the rest as music should, came naturally…” – The Chainsmokers



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