German producer Ronski Speed teases his upcoming album Second World with a single previewed this week, ‘Rise Again.’ Trance fans likely have some Ronski tracks already in their collection, but EDM newbies questioning this seemingly new name can be reassured that he’s already got a 10 year career under his belt. Unsurprisingly, ‘Rise Again’ has stayed true to its genre with characteristics like long, drawn-out riffs and plenty of vocal reverb. Look for the album to be released on August 16 on Euphonic Records.

01 Rise Again | ft. Lucy Saunders
02 Lasting Light (2013 Mix) | ft. Emma Hewitt
03 Pink Skye & Syntrobic | ft. Renee Stahl
04 Afterglow (Will Holland Edit) | with Ana Criado
05 Not Easy | with Tony Awake ft. Gracie Ho
06 Substitute For Love | ft. Aneym
07 Something Real | with LTN ft. Renee Stahl
08 One With You | with Syntrobic ft. Elizabeth Egan
09 Sanity Dub
10 Don’t Lose Your Way | ft. K.I.R.A.
11 Glueck | with Cressida
12 Run To The Sunlight | ft. Stine Grove
13 Sanity | ft. Melissa Loretta
14 Proton 12 (Ronski Speed & Cressida Mix)
15 A Sign | with Ana Criado
16 Ambrosia | with Mirco De Govia
17 Did You Disappear | with Purple Stories ft. Sue McLaren
18 Fiero
19 Euphonia (Ronski Speed Mix) | with Kyau & Albert


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