Electronica has always been global, and we get more and more proof of it every day. Cj PoLk is a Buenos Aires, Argentina born DJ/Producer whose stage name is a two part combination of both his given name (Cristian Janusas) and the latter PoLk being a reference to his Lithuanian and Polish lineage. Over the last 4 years he has been cutting his teeth as a DJ/Producer, self-releasing a slew of both original tracks and remixes through his soundcloud and holding down several residencies throughout Buenos Aires. Now with his first official release, Cj PoLk aims to bring his unique blend of Progressive and Electro House to a global audience.

‘R3novated’ is a big synth Electro House track ready for festival season. Featuring a balance of epic melodies, huge progressive style synths and rave-ready Electro House drops; Cj PoLk flexes his producing muscle touching on the multiple genres he is influenced by and giving listeners a preview to what they can expect in the future from this dynamic producer.


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