Today, Protohype makes his return to Firepower Records with the second installment of the SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL trilogy. Having launched the series with SEE NO EVIL back in March, next up is HEAR NO EVIL, which continues Protohype’s exploration of the different facets of his productions as he constructs bass music in its multifarious forms. Blending dubstep, hip hop, drum & bass and more across the EP, he brings these diverse sounds together, utilizing the contrasting tones to bring out his own unique sound across four melodic new tracks.

Protohype draws the curtain with “Fly,” featuring the voice of Alina Renae. Layering superstring synths, electric chords and powerful vocals over crashing beats and heavy bass, it sets the backdrop for the EP in grand style. Up next, “Jelly Roll” amps up the gritty bass and dub beats over infectiously smooth melodies, bringing a more fluid and jacking feel to the EP. Further demonstrating the cross section of sounds on the EP, the expansive, euphoric tone of the intro to penultimate track “Bright Side” featuring Ras give way to a spiraling, chasmic drop.  Adrenaline running high, the emergence of the final track “Shatter” turns things on their head once again. Layering classical orchestration over clipped beats, Protohype fuses the traditional components with razor sharp synths and speaker-busting bass to create another unique production, dissipating into a tail of reverb that leaves the door open for the final part of the trilogy.

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