Hope everyone’s ready for June, and equally ready to turn up the heat! For this episode, we’ll focus on deep, groovy EDM. Here are some tunes to help keep you cool during the oncoming sizzle session.

Aly & Fila – We Control The Sunlight

Trance lovers rejoiced when this song came out in 2011. Lofty vocals by this Egyptian duo carried this track all the way to the top of the trance charts, deservedly so. Turn this one up while driving into the sunset!

Dinka – Ordinary People

You won’t need your own private beach or a personal island if you’re got this song to listen to from 2008. Simply pop your headphones on, close your eyes, and find yourself being carried by the calmest and smoothest ocean waves.

Dirty Vegas – Days Go By

Deep house grooviness meets trance in this 2002 mega-hit. This one’s perfect for your 3 AM post-games, chill-seshes, or just when you’re relaxing on the beach. There’s also a Paul Oakenfold Remix for you drum & bass lovers.


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