Cold Case Cover Final Standard size

Brolic Beats is proud to exclusively premiere Dramos‘ forthcoming EP titled Cold Case: The Story of Horror House. The motivation for the album stemmed from Dramos’ life-long passion for horror films and scores. Danny adds “I have always been into horror movies, as well as movie scores, so this was a way for me to combine that with electronic music and sort of blend these worlds together.”

The EP is essentially a concept album where each track serves as a chapter or “act.” Acts 1-5 include: The Caretaker, Inheritance, Three-Dog Night, No Way Out, and Curtains, respectively. The electro-centered album features vocal cuts from 1930s horror radio shows, back when people didn’t have TVs. Certainly a creative production touch with all the similar sounds floating around the mainstream community.

“Essentially the album is an audio horror movie. It is meant to be listened to for the first time from start to finish in order. Everything from the track-listing to the album artwork to the songs themselves were consciously put together by me in a specific way to create the story.” – Dramos

Stream the EP below and check back on Tuesday (May 28th) for the FREE release.

UPDATE: Out now! Listen below and pick up the FREE DOWNLOAD!

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