Hope everyone is starting to feel the summer vibe in the air! Here are some hot tracks you may have missed from the past that you can bump at upcoming graduation parties, on the beach, or in the cars with the windows all the way down!

Mike Candys – Together Again (Organ Club Mix)

The original version of this is a well known track, but the Organ Club Mix is a tough find. This version incorporates a house organ sound (a-la “Show Me Love” by Robin S) and uses elements from the regular club mix. There’s also a 2013 rework that sounds an awful like EDM hit “Tung!”

DJ Mangoo – Eurodancer

I applaud anyone who actually knew of this song when it came out. This song went viral back when social media was still just comprised of Myspace and not much else. This awesome track has all the mid-2000s techno beat and synths your little heart desires, and then some!

Frankie Knuckles – Your Love

For this episode’s super throwback, I think we should pay homage to a man dubbed The Godfather of House Music. While this is sure to sound familiar to those born in an earlier decade, those of my generation might recognize it from the fictional radio station, San Fierro Underground Radio in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Turn this up in your dad’s basement on some Altecs and fire up your three-light organ!


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