Hey everyone,

It’s Joe aka JoeMart aka dat big guy back again from my one-year hiatus from posting on Brolic Beats. I think EDC NYC 2012 was still getting to me. Anyways, I’m going to go a different path this time and talk about a protein I highly recommend MRI Pro-NOS. I have taken this stuff off and on for the past five years and I have to say it is still my favorite whey protein. Here are the specs:

If you are looking to trim down at gym, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to you, as the caloric content is pretty high for a whey protein (300 calories). However, if you are looking to maintain your weight or bulk up, I cannot say enough good things about this product.

42 grams of protein is one of the highest I have seen for whey, and it has a good carbs: protein ratio at about 1:3. Sugar levels are fairly low, so you not get that fake taste you see in some other bars or powders. pro- NOS comes in four flavors: Banana Crème, French Vanilla Crème, Dutch Chocolate Royale and Cookies and Cream. I have had the French Vanilla Crème and the Banana Crème and they are awesome. It is thick enough where you do not need milk to get a good consistency; just 10oz of water does the job just fine. The taste is fantastic; it could make a great lunch meal replacement as well (which is what I do).

Pro-NOS is a bit expensive. For a 3 pound tub, it costs around $55; however, if you can pick this up on sale, as it is on now, you will not regret it at all. Even at full price, I would recommend buying.

That is all for now. At this rate, I will be back next May with a new post. For now though, enjoy!

-Joe Martucci


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