AVB & W&W’s mega hit D# Fat has seen mashups upon mashups upon more mashups! It goes to show the influence this track has had on other DJs in the EDM world. So, to make it easy for listeners and DJs to pick out the best ones for their collections/sets, I’ve compiled the best ones, categorized by what D# Fat is mashed with. I listened to about 50 total. To be chosen, it had to be more than just one transition or crossfade between the two songs and it had to be a fully mastered track (yes, there’s a lot of unmastered garbage out there, I know). Check out the list below!

vs. Example’s “Perfect Replacement” by Nill Ketner & REZarin

vs. Nari & Milani’s “Vago” by Andrew Moor

vs. The Partysquad’s “Helmaal Naar De Klote” by DJ DvB

vs. Above & Beyond’s “Moon & Sun” by JayBeats

vs. Mike Perry’s “Put Me Up” by sLayeRsLuck

vs. Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue’s “Fallen Angel” feat. Ana Criado by Fabio XB

vs. Hard Rock Sofa’s “Rasputin” and CRW’s “Feel It” by Jason Ross

vs. Tommy Trash’s remix of Aston Shuffle’s “Sunrise”

vs. Showtek’s “Cannonball” & Funkerman’s “Speed Up” by Roben & Mike

vs. Krewella’s “Alive” by Hydra

And now vs. Zedd’s super mega hit, “Clarity.” The sheer number of tracks I found mashing Clarity with D# Fat blew me away, and there may be even more that I don’t know about or did not come by. Below I have my top two picks vs. Clarity.

Best buildup
vs. Zedd’s “Clarity” by Abhinavv

Best original rework through vocals
vs. Zedd’s “Clarity” by Latesound

Well, there you have it! If you have time for just ONE track out of all of these, I’d say definitely listen to Abhinavv’s just for the buildup. If you’re more into the rework, check out Latesound’s. I also have two honorable mentions: Photik’s mashup and Enrico Privosti’s. Hope my EDM research was thorough enough, but if it wasn’t tweet us and we’ll definitely look into any tips you provide us!


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