workouts1*Perform this circuit 3 times, resting 1-2 minutes between each*

Tools Needed:
-Heavy bag
-Speed bag
-Boxing gloves, tape or hand wrap
-Ab Wheel (or a barbell that can roll)
-Jump Rope
-Resistance Bands

-Warm Up: Stretch, stationary bike for 10 minutes
-Heavy Bag work: Put on the gloves or tape up your hands; Set a 2 minute timer and hit the bag using combos and make sure to move around don’t just stand in front of the bag. Pace yourself though 2 minutes is a long time to hit the bag.
-Speed Bag work: 3 Count hit the bag for one minute, then 1 count hit the bag for a minute.
-Jump Rope: 2 minutes
-Ab Wheel: On your knees, roll out the wheel until fully extended, then roll back, repeat 10 reps
-Resistance bands: Do a set of 20 reps for each part of the upper body.

Below is a few videos and pictures that you can use for reference


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