Sprinting is a great way to burn fat and help make you more of an explosive athlete. Don’t think it is a good form of cardio? Think again, look at most sprinters’ physique, shredded. Still not convinced, think about an NFL player, they are always sprinting for a short amount of time. That’s just it, a short amount of time. No need to sprint for a long time because that will not benefit you as well as you think. We recommend sprinting for short distances to really put your cardio on the next level. Check out some fun and effective ideas on how to incorporate sprinting into your next cardio session:

-Go on a track and sprint the long (vertical) area of the track then very slow jog the short (horizontal) area of the track. Continue this 4-8 times.

-Go on the track and play a game. One person start 25-50 yards behind the other and that person has to try and pass you up on the track. If he or she does pass you up then you have to do 50 pushups.

-Suicide Drills! On the grass, sand or even on a basketball court set up cones and run to them and back. Make it more challenging by varying the distances of the cones.


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