Watching their “seizure music” take the electronic scene by storm with EP’s 100% No Modern Talking and Rage Valley, Knife Party looks to go 3 for 3 with forthcoming EP – Haunted House.

Lead track “Power Glove” features textbook Knife Party explosiveness with heavy bass and vocal cuts from the classic Nintendo game controller. “LRAD” will have you thinking it’s a big-room progressive track, up until the bass drops through your floor and into the basement. “EDM Death Machine” brings another refreshing round of pounding bass but mixes in some clever vocals emphasizing the end of Harlem Shake and the world as we know it. A last minute change on the EP replaced final track “Baghdad” with a VIP mix of the all-too-familiar “Internet Friends.” Stream now and check back on May 6th for the release.

UPDATE: Out now! Buy on iTunes

Knife Party – Power Glove (Original Mix)
Knife Party – LRAD (Original Mix)
Knife Party – EDM Death Machine (Original Mix)

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