Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ runaway hit, “Can’t Hold Us,” has been ripping on the radio for nearly two months now. As expected, a slew of remixes have emerged, spread throughout the interwebz, and have reached listeners’ ears to varying degrees of success. I sifted through many of these and compiled the ones I think are the top 5.

5. Kaskade Remix – So Kaskade remixed this, huh? I don’t think so. But it sure has made its rounds around the blogosphere. This one deservedly stays in 5th place.

4. Subshockers Trap Remix – Are you a trap junkie? This one was churned out by dubstep label UKF.

3. Southend Revolution Remix – This one is minimally invasive but adds some shimmer here and there. Aside from some mastering issues and beat matching flubs, it’s quite good.

2. Dance Floor Junkies Remix – This one’s also a trap remix, and is noticeably better than the UKF one.

1. Unlike Pluto Remix – Dubstep meets Ryan Lewis’ brass-heavy track for a solid blend of mainstream pop and EDM. This one shines above the rest to bring out the best in “Can’t Hold Us.”


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