One thing is for sure, we were not expecting BSN to come out with this new product. “True-Mass 1200” is their brand new weight gainer protein powder supplement. We were not expecting this because they have had so much success with “True Mass” which is also a weight gainer product. We do not know if BSN will discontinue True Mass or have both products be available at the same time. Anyway, True-Mass 1200 is for people who are seriously trying to gain weight. Check out these nutrition facts:

Over 1200 calories for only 2 scoops and you get 15 servings, that is awesome. Usually gainers over a thousand calories have very low servings, like 5 or fewer which is kind of pointless. 16 grams of fat is not that bad for a gainer, and the high sodium count is normal. 50 grams of protein is about the standard for a gainer supplement; has an extensive protein blend consisting of whey, milk, egg and even hydrolyzed whey protein. It is also packed with over 200 grams of carbs which helps you gain that muscle mass. The product also contains BCAA’s.

It comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla and runs for around $50. It may seem a little pricey but trust us it is not compared to other gainers that have a similar nutrition fact label.

Where to buy:
BSN website


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