His first track of 2013 soared straight into the top 3 of the Beatport Top 100 — but Fedde Le Grand barely gives fans the chance to catch their breath before slamming back in with his second single of the year, the huge electronic beast “Rockin’ N’ Rollin'”.

Casting the soft, organic and analog tones of “Long Way From Home” aside, “Rockin’ N’ Rollin'” sees Fedde firmly indulging his love of all things digital, harnessing huge, walloping bass lines, crashing and swirling synth sections and immense, battering percussion for an intense, awe-inspiring master class in ‘less is more’. Unleashed at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and across the “Road To Ultra” tour, the track has already proved itself an absolute monster during Fedde’s critically acclaimed peak time sets, leaving seasoned sound technicians trembling in its wake as some of the biggest speaker systems in the world try to accommodate the sheer weight of bass thundering from the track’s bottom line. “Rockin’ N’ Rollin'” is out April 22nd on Fedde’s Flamingo label.

UPDATE: Out now! Purchase via Beatport


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