Today VICE, the global youth media company, cements its status as the world’s premier producer of supreme online video content, diving into the world of electronic dance and culture to launch THUMP, a new platform and YouTube channel, in partnership with Recreation Worldwide.

The channel brings together leading global youth brand VICE with one of the most prominent forces in electronic dance music, Recreation Worldwide, a creative agency founded by top industry veterans from AM Only and Complete Control Management. THUMP boasts exclusive access to the most important artists and trends at the forefront of electronic dance music, and leverages VICE’s established global audience, expertise in online video, and family of top-ranking YouTube channels. More on what THUMP offers after the break.

With a focus on the full range of electronic music and culture, from massive festival stages to renegade warehouse parties, THUMP will chronicle every aspect of the global dance music movement: the music, the artists, the fans, the experience. Through original videos from the most electrifying events around the globe, to weekly music video premieres, mixes from the most forward-thinking DJs, and an engaging slate of editorial features, THUMP offers a unique portal into the culture of electronic music.

THUMP programming and series will include:
-Music videos (Watch: Tommy Trash’s re-edit of “Monkey See Monkey Do“)
-Exclusive artist content
-Dance And Dont’s (Read: That’s So Ravin’: 10 Tips for Professional Partying)
-What is _____ anyway? (Watch: What Is House Music Anyways?)
-The Tease

Join the THUMP movement:
YouTube Channel


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