John Dahlback, Mutants renowned head-honcho who now makes his official return to the label – with a track born out of his exciting, yet hectic, touring lifestyle. “I did a major tour of the U.S. at the back end of 2012 and it really inspired me,” he explains, “It’s well documented the scene is kicking-off over there in a major way and theyre really not kidding. I had the most fantastic experience where everything I played went down a storm. I got back home into the studio wanting to make a straight-up club record. No vocals in the traditional sense (which I seem to have done quite a lot of lately), just a pure, big room anthem!

The result, ‘Dont Stop’ is a typically gargantuan offering. If it had been born an American it would come from Texas, where they apparently do everything bigger. Electro stabs, a pitch-shifting spoken word (that provides the title) and an extended drum-roll all combine to create a very immediate start that ascends to a breakdown destined to provide many a clubber with a track they wont forget in a hurry!” Or, as John so aptly puts it, “It’s all about the goose bumps and that moment where you involuntarily find yourself with your arms in the air! And to make damn sure he covers all bases, JD also provided a chunkier, slightly darker Dub, which he says is, “For the later hours…” Although, we’re inclined to ask, just how long can peak time last for John!?!

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