Having featured on Protohype’s recent See No Evil EP with his stellar remix of “Menace,” 21-year-old, Atlanta-based producer Must Die! becomes a fully fledged member of the Firepower Records camp with the release of his debut solo EP for the label following releases on labels such as Ultra, Dim Mak, Subhuman, Play Me, Mad Decent and Atlantic Records. Choosing to represent his darker, sleep-deprived thoughts in his music, the six-track Caffeine EP sets new standards and will undoubtedly gain the young producer some well-earned stripes.

“The Arena” opens the EP on a wave of warm tones and reverberating synths before the tranquil, dreamlike sequence then collides with layers of sharp drums that playfully build towards the title track. “Caffeine” follows with its cascading drums and cut-up, re-pitched vocals. Pivoting around its bright chord sequence, the stadium-sized melody of “Caffeine” unwinds into an almighty bass drop. Up next, the lush synths of “Skull Kids” lull the listener into a false sense of security that soon unravels with the release of a frenzied, electro breakdown before“Wide World” provides a change of pace, playing off its dub skank against shimmering, 8-bit melodies before reaching its bass-wielding climax.

Must Die! is joined by Jaws of Terravita on “Symmetry,” upping the pace on this techy drum and bass roller. Driven by its powerhouse drums and warping bassline, the sinewy strings and rapid-fire lyrics complete this dramatic club track. Ending on a very different note, Must Die! closes the EP with “Nightwatch,” a carefully crafted orchestral arrangement that is as evocative as it is brave, proving the depths of Must Die!’s talents.

Must Die! plays upon the stylistic cues of his emotions and channels them brilliantly through his music. The Caffeine EP is another standout addition to his extensive discography and it demonstrates the affinity for creation from this rare and wonderful talent.

The tracklisting for the Caffeine EP is as follows:

1. The Arena
2. Caffeine
3. Skull Kid
4. Wide World
5. Symmetry (ft. The Jaws of Terravita)
6. Nightwatch

Update: Out Now, click HERE to purchase from beatport


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