The best feeling when weightlifting and targeting your shoulders is that burn you get after you start crankin out a couple good sets. The next two exercises are simple yet very challenging to amp up your shoulder workout because we edited them the BROLIC way:

1. Lateral Dumbbell raises GIANT DROP set circuit


Start off holding two dumbbells at your side, and raise them up to the side. Repeat. Easy right? Wrong, if you do the GIANT DROP set circuit.. Example:
-5 sets of 10 reps-
START: 30lb dumbbells
IMMEDIATELY AFTER: 25lb dumbbells
IMMEDIATELY AFTER: 20lb dumbbells
IMMEDIATELY AFTER: 15lb dumbbells
IMMEDIATELY AFTER: 10lb dumbbells
*Do this circuit 3 times!

2. Front and Back military press  SUPERSET with Arnold Shoulder Press

shoulder-workout-routine-behind-the-neck-press shoulder-workout-routine-military-press arnold-shoulder-press-animation

Begin with seated barbell military shoulder presses, light weight because you are going to do 1 rep with the bar in front of your head and 1 rep with the bar behind your head. Do 10 reps in front of your head and 10 reps behind your head alternating with each rep. Then once you are done grab the dumbbells (also light weight) and do Arnold presses (Third picture above on the right). Those are done by sitting with the dumbbells in your hands, palms facing you with arms bent upward, then twist them out and press up, and repeat. This gets a nice rotation in your shoulder which helps activate more muscle fibers. Example:
-4 sets 10 reps-
Military presses at 85lbs front and back of head
IMMEDIATELY AFTER Arnold presses 35lb dumbbells


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