Despite a jam-packed WMC/MMW schedule, German producer Thomas Gold was able to squeeze us in for a quick interview. We caught Gold inside his illustrious Fanfare tour bus on Wednesday (March 20th) after he had already played Space, Wall, and Ultra. We briefly talked about those shows and got positive feedback immediately. Curious about the extent of his shows, we asked Gold how his festival sets differ from standard club sets. We also got his insight on the heavily-debated top of ranking DJs, specificlly DJ Mag‘s Top 100. Click past the break to read the full interview!

Brolic Beats: How’s your WMC experience treating you thus far?

Thomas Gold: Amazing. I’ve had some amazing gigs. Space on Friday which was incredible. Crazy night. It’s a different crowd and for me it’s a lot of fun…Then I had Ultra at the Megastructure stage which was insane. Goosebumps! When I went on, I was like wow, what the f*ck is happening?! It was the most energetic crowds I’ve ever seen.

BB: Do your sets differ from festival gigs versus let’s say a club gig?

TG: Yeah, it really depends on the crowd and how long my set will be. The longer the set I get, the more variation I can bring. But the festivals…are always big bangers for me, that big room sound. Still it depends on the crowd. If they have a special reaction to the tracks, I adapt myself.

BB: What do you prefer? The larger stages or the more intimate, smaller crowds?

TG: I love both. On the large stages, it’s a huge crowd with energy of the entire space. And very impressive light systems. But you cannot really connect with the people; you are too far away. In the club, you are closer can really connect with them. So it’s both.

BB: You recently cracked DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list. Do you feel these rankings should have some weight in the industry?

TG: I think it’s good to have those rankings but it’s not vast. Because many DJs who want to know their ranking are very successful and are traveling the world and doing super good music. It’s a ranking. If people want to see a DJ and just go to those rankings, they let it decide for themselves. If I’m a fan, I don’t go to the rankings and say “Hey, that’s #10. I want to see him.” You go to see him or her for their music. So the ranking is a nice thing, but you should not think too much about it. But I was happy to crack it (laughs).

*Big thanks to Thomas and his managment for letting us do this interview!

Interviewers: Aaron Hannon & Danny Ramos, 44 Caliber Recordings

Connect with Thomas Gold:


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