This year’s Winter Music Conference played host to a number of talented DJs and producers from all over the world. We were fortunate to sit down and talk to one of those groups; that being the rising Norwegian duo of CLMD (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle). We met up with Carl & Martin on Monday (March 18th) at the W Hotel in South Beach; the duo had already played Wall and Shelbourne Hotel on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. We briefly talked about those shows and then learned a bit of their production style and how they produce as a duo. Recently moving to NYC last December, we asked CLMD how life in New York compares to Norway, including the house music scene. We also asked how their remix of Arty’s “Together We Are” came to be. For some fun, we ended the interview by getting their opinion on the “Harlem Shake” epidemic. Click past the break to read the full interview!

Brolic Beats: How’s your WMC treating you guys so far?

CLMD: It’s been good, fun…hectic. We arrived on Saturday and already had 2 shows.

BB: You guys are playing in pretty good lineups with a bunch of talented DJs. How does it feel to be playing with some of these big names?

CLMD: It feels really good. You kind of feel like you’re on the inside and part of this little community, however you want to call it. It’s nice to meet all these people and talk about music.

BB: So do you guys catch yourself “nerding out” on music productions or maybe about the latest internet craze?

CLMD: It’s a bit of both. But it’s so easy to go down that music part because everyone is so interested. That’s the one thing we all know we have in common.

BB: Right, so if all else fails why not talk about the latest Ableton release. Speaking of production, let’s go down that dark path. What do you guys use?

CLMD: We’re using Logic Pro. Very old school, Logic Pro 8. Not the latest update but it works for us.

BB: With you guys being a duo, what’s your work flow like? Do you have one guy start out the track or work on your own and bounce the idea to each other?

CLMD: It’s a bit of both. We live together and have our studio in our living room. So we’ll sit down, do one thing… Carl is definitely the melody man. So he’ll come up with melodies and we’ll go through them and see if we should play it this way or if we need change the rhythm or maybe we should change that chord. And then we basically build upon each other.

BB: Do you guys ever get to a point where you’re clashing ideas and can’t agree on something?

CLMD: Yeah it happens, because you are passionate about it. But most of the time we agree with each other. We’ve known each other since we were 6 years old. We have a lot of the same visions and that reflects in the music. We’ve talked about it before and actually wish we argue more because better things come out of it.

BB: So you guys are from Norway originally and now you’re living in New York. How do you like the NYC style vs. the style back home?

CLMD: Well… there’s no style in Norway (laughs). So, much better. There’s a very small scene for house music in Norway, unfortunately, but it’s starting to grow. Norway is very connected to the U.S., so whatever is big here, is big in Norway. What we do is release our tracks internationally first and then re-release them back in Norway.

BB: How do you feel your sound has evolved over the years since you began working with each other?

CMLD: It’s gotten deeper now. We always talk about emotional energy. So the theme of the song captures you and takes you on this journey and that creates the take off. For our next single, I (Carl) listened to vocal ambient music for an hour. Then I sat down and starting to make something. Thanks for vocal ambient inspiration.

BB: Speaking of releases, you had your remix of Arty’s “Together We Are” drop today. How did that come about? Were you approached by Arty?

CLMD: We were contacted by Arty’s people. We noticed that he was playing “Falling Like Angels” on his radio show and in his sets. And one day, we got the email from them asking if we wanted to try out for a remix and were very interested…they liked it (laughs).

BB: One final question we have for you guys is: what’s your opinion on the Harlem Shake video and have you been in any of them?

CLMD: (Carl) Actually, just 2 days ago, I listened to the track for the first time after seeing all these videos on Facebook and stuff. (Martin) Actually, the other day I saw a video of a guy showing the Harlem Shake to people in Harlem and people were getting so offended. So after I saw that, I was like is this right?

BB: Yeah, you don’t mess with the Harlem Shake.

CLMD: You don’t mess with Harlem, period.

*Big thank you to CLMD and their management for allowing us this interview!

Interviewers: Aaron Hannon & Danny Ramos, 44 Caliber Recordings

Connect with CLMD:


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