SlimKicker is a great way to help you stay motivated with your fitness and weight loss goals. You sign up and track what you eat, take part in exciting fitness challenges, and keep track of your goals under a point system. Click HERE to be directed to SlimKicker’s home page. SlimKicker also has recipes for diets such as the Mediafast diet.

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HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this post of your fitness/health challenge idea such as “doing 20 pushups a day for 1 week”, or “squatting during commercials”. SlimKicker will pick the best one after 1 week. The product will be shipped to you (USA residents only).

CONTEST PRIZE: The selected winner will win a Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale (11lb edition), Tempered Glass in Elegant Black. This useful and sleek scale can help you when cooking healthy meals! Check out some pictures of the digital kitchen scale below:




  1. my fitness challenge would be to try to read or study when im on the elliptical or on a stationary bike, whats better than to learn and burn at the same time!

  2. Walk your dog at least once a day for an entire week. Start by walking at least a block and then try to increase your distance as the week progresses. Change up your route to make it more interesting. You AND your dog will both get a great workout!

  3. An easy fitness challenge would be during your lunch break, instead of gorging on fast food and sitting on your butt the entire hour, get out and be active. What I do is take the entire hour and walk around a local mall. I once used a pedometer app on my iphone and clocked my daily route to be 2.3 miles at a rather brisk pace. Then I return to the office and have enjoy a salad of organic veggies and organic sunflower seeds. Great way to lose weight, and also maintain healthy body weight as well

  4. To do varied crunches in between commercial breaks and as the week goes on, to increase the number of crunches. Might as well be productive while you relax 🙂

  5. A health challenge idea that I believe works great is to avoid meats during breakfast. Usually, you have less cravings for protein in the morning and many breakfast meats (bacon, sausage, taylor ham) are not great for you, compared to the protein you get. Instead, try some potato slices or some veggie in your omelet.

  6. A simple yet tough enough challenge would be to do fireman squat/presses with your partner across your shoulders while simultaneously doing it on a balance ball. This workout is specifically for gaining mass if you think into it. 1) each squat on the balance ball would strengthen and develop quads, calves, hammies, and the core while 2) each press would develop the shoulders and upper chest. Using the balance ball will develop the muscles even more while challenging the individual’s core. For advanced individuals the exercise can be upgraded by drinking 10 gallons of super pump blue raspberry each set and projectile vomiting every 5 minute intervals. This will haze the hell out of all stupid idiots to that even read and try to attempt to do such a stupid, ridiculous, audacious exercise. Loves

  7. Great ideas mentioned above.. like walking your dog.

    On the same theme, my challenge idea would be to make urself walk, or stretch every hr during work. Sitting all day in the desk is bad for you for so many reasons and often we need to force ourselves to move during the day.

  8. If you’re craving an unhealthy snack, get up off of the couch and do 25 jumping jacks, crunches, or lunges. It will get your heart rate going fast and you won’t feel so inclined to eat anymore but drink water instead!

  9. My challenge is to eat smaller portion sizes! Does that last 3 bites taste as good as the first? 1/2 cup of ice cream is just as satisfying as a whole cup. I am going to stick with it fo 30 days, and they say it becomes a habit. sthastie (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I use a Moby Wrap with my 5 month old daughter. I do plié squats, lunges, and wall squats… Baby loves the motion and being close! it also adds a functional “weight” to the workout.

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