Circuit Workout 1:

Circuit: 6 Sets (20-18-16-14-12-10) (Try not to rest!)

1st time through circuit, do bolded exercise for 20 reps; 2nd time through, do 18 reps and so on…..

Side-to-side pushups (1 dumbbell, starts in right hand, do push up, pick up dumbbell like you’re doing a row and pass it to your left hand, do another push up, repeat for correct amount of reps counting each push up as a rep)

20 Jumping Jacks

Prone Dumbbell Rows (in full plank position holding a dumbbell in each arm, do a row with your right arm (1 rep), then left arm (2nd rep), repeat for amount of reps

20 Squat Jumps

Triceps Push ups (start in full plank position, move your right arm down to a half plank (on elbows) followed by your left arm, then place your right hand on the floor and push up (using triceps) followed by left arm; that’s 1 rep; then repeat using left arm first; that’s 2 reps; continue alternating for amount of reps

20 Mountain Climbers (each leg)

Bicep Curls (can alternate with hammer curls)

20 Burpees


Circuit Workout 2:

20-18-16-14-12-10 Multiple Circuits

Jumping Jack push ups (have legs together and arms a little more narrow than shoulder width; do a push up; explode up and do “jumping jack” landing with legs wide and arms wider than shoulder width; do a push up and explode, landing with arms more narrow than shoulder width and legs together; repeat) (count each push up as 1 rep)

Jump Rope (50 Jumps)

Dumbbell Clean and Press

Jump Rope (50 Jumps)

Airplanes (lay prone on stomach; move into “Superman” position; hold throughout exercise; keeping arms straight, move them from straight over head to at your sides like you are making a snow angel on your stomach)

Jump Rope (50 Jumps)

Diamond Push Ups

Jump Rope (50 Jumps) 

Spiderman push ups (start in regular push up position; on your way down, bring your right knee to your right elbow and come back up; repeat bringing your left knee to your left elbow; continue alternating counting each push up as 1 rep

Sprint 20-100 yards and back

Dumbbell shoulder flies (hold dumbbells at your sides; keep body straight and engage core/back; have sides of dumbbells perpendicular to you (like you would do a bicep curl);  movement is like doing a standing snow angel until dumbbells touch at the top

Sprint 20-100 yards and back

Air squats (for added challenge, hold dumbbells either at your side or at your shoulders)

Sprint 20-100 yards and back

Lateral lunge with bicep curl

Sprint 20-100 yards and back 

Push up dumbbell rows (holding dumbbells, do a push up, right arm dumbbell row, left arm dumbbell row; repeat)


Dumbbell High Pulls


Dumbbell Lunge with cross-body punch (use lighter dumbbell for this so it can be an explosive punch engaging core/obliques)


1 Leg Bear Crawl (Bear crawl 20 yards using right leg (should be done explosively); bear crawl back to start using left leg)

Okay you are done. Now go make some protein bars! Click HERE for a delicious recipe.

Workout Credit: Brett Rein


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