Let’s review three basic yet effective types of workout routines. Some people may call them different things but we will go by the most common name for them. First is the upper/lower Split, second is isolation split, and third is a push/pull split. These routines go by a 7 day week.

Upper/Lower Split:

Below you will see an example of what a typical upper/lower split would normally look like.


Isolation Split:

Below you will see what a typical isolation split would look like. For example, below it shows chest, back and triceps are done mondays and thursdays, and legs, shoulders and biceps done on tuesday and friday. You can also do something like chest monday, back tuesday, legs wednesday, shoulders thursday, arms friday, then saturday and sunday off. (What we used to do)


Push/Pull Split:

Finally, below you will see a push/pull split example. This is what the brolic beats staff actually does now. We do push muscles (Chest, shoulders, triceps) on tuesdays and thursdays, and we do pull muscles (Back and Biceps) on wednesdays and saturdays. Then we do legs on thursday and take sunday and monday off. Of course you must work around your own schedule like we do to come up with a workout routine that works for you.



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