Hitting Beatport’s Top 10 list for Trance, this phenomenally formulated mix of beats shows what this seasoned veteran, DJ Mikkas, is all about. In addition, the vocalist Emma Hewitt is easily one of the best characters for any vocalist piece to a trance track. Kudos to Mikkas for picking this song of many sang by Emma Hewitt. DJ Mikkas has been on the rise for the past few weeks from just this song, however other hits by DJ Mikkas include “Unison” and “Out the Water.”

Bio of Mikkas for those who do not know of him:

Back in 1998 when Kasper Smed Nielsen started producing music, he was only 12 years old. The softwares he used was very simple and didn’t leave much for his imagination. A few years later, he was then introduced to Propellerheads Reason by his cousin, and that was a big step for the young upcoming producer. Kasper and his friend Mikkel Havmand began producing music and was quickly discovered by the underground trance scene because of their unique style, Mikkel and Kasper began calling themselves Mikkas.Today Kasper is the only person in Mikkas, but that didn’t matter for the production quality. He has managed to remix and work for a lot of talented producers around the world such as Megara vs. Dj Lee, Sebastian Brandt, Bobina and Pulsedriver to name a few.In 2006 Kasper decided to team up with his friend Nicholas Soebye. This was the beginning of Backslash vs Mikkas. It was an opportunity for Kasper to start making a more commercial type of music. Backslash vs. Mikkas grew to become a very big name on the commercial dance scene and got a lot of attention. This collaboration ended i the beginning of 2010.”

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