Another unordinary trance mix by another up and coming DJ, Rick Mitchells. This song itself hit the DJ world rolling as it tops the charts on  Beatport. Rick Mitchell’s bio is brief yet one to be looked at:

“After a few years of experience in the studio and behind the decks, Rick Buijtenhek explorered different styles of dance music. He started his career under the “Rick Mitchells” alias after he was asked to do a remix for the well known trance duo W&W. He teamed up with Bas van Essen for this project and from out of nothing it became a bigger success then they expected. Judge Jules made it the “tried and tested” Tune of the week in his radio show, and called it “an awfully good track”. The track was signed at Armada-Music Records. After this, Rick went back into the studio to make “Raptor” together with Bas and this became his real breaktrough in the scene. It got signed at Armada’s newest sublabel “Mainstage Music” and was supported by many Artists like W&W, Jochen Miller and Sied van Riel.. Nowadays Rick’s unique sound is spreading all over the world and he is aiming for the highest reqions in the Scene” (Like Rick on Facebook HERE)



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