Saturday, October 13th, 2012 marked a historic night in the rapidly growing field of electronic dance music. WOMP4thekids, the only electronic music charity of its kind, hosted New York City’s first ever “Fundraver” at Santos Party House in downtown Manhattan. For every ticket purchased for the event, WOMP4thekids promised to send 1 child to school in Ghana, Africa through the Unlock Foundation. The event had a tremendous turnout- approx. 250 tickets purchased directly translates to 250 African children receiving the gift of a proper education.

The event was sponsored by EyeParty and Rave Juice. EyeParty is a revolutionary movement sought to change the visual impact of music. Through extensive research, EyeParty developed glasses that take your visual senses to a completely different level during any party or rave setting. The glasses were distributed to everyone in attendance and were enjoyed thoroughly. That was my first EyeParty experience and I couldn’t believe my eyes (literally).

Our good friends at Rave Juice also served as a strong sponsor of the event. Rave Juice is a specially formulated recovery solution that helps you recover from club life, or even normal partying. The juice contains 5-HTP plus a slew of other vitamins and antioxidants that revitalize both your mind and body and ultimately eliminate any negative effects felt after a night of partying or raving (Check out our review of the juice here). Rave Juice flooded every square foot of Santos from the bathrooms all the way to the DJ booth. Every raver there got to take some home and were probably itching to come back the following day thanks to Rave Juice.

Music was provided by DJ D’Anconia (Andrew Taggart) who served as the headliner. D’Anconia is a 22 year old producer/DJ based out of LA and Syracuse, NY. He started DJing at the age of 18 in his Syracuse University dorm. His music and DJ skills exploded in a relatively short amount of time. To this date, D’Anconia has opened for some huge acts including Steve Aoki, Dirty South, Crystal Method, Dada Life, R3hab and David Guetta. The set he played for the night was incredibly energetic. He dropped some of the latest progressive and electro tracks that gave off a great vibe on the dance floor. This youngblood producer has huge potential and I expect him to continue to rise amongst his class and entire field.

Overall, a great turnout, great atmosphere, and a great cause on top of it all. It’s unfortunate to see these big time DJs, who make an incredible amount of money, not doing much for the community or organizing any events like this. It’s great to see the motivation to explore beyond the music itself amongst the EDM world; the accused EDM “bubble” that some people currently refer to will not pop with efforts like these. Talking with one of the event coordinators, I received word that they plan on hosting similar events in the future; Brolic Beats will certainly keep you posted so we can see you at the next one!

Check out a mini recap video below of some (cell phone) footage captured by Brolic Beats at the event:


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