Artur White‘s passion about electronic music rose at the age of 16 and since then, he is pushing forward with the aim of spicing up the musical atmosphere with his productions and performances. With including a wide variety of musical genres in his sets like tech-house, progressive, commercial house and electro, he always makes the crowd go wild.

As an upcoming talent, he started producing music at the age of 19, with the main influence of Deadmau5, Kaskade, Avicii and other artists, and gathered a decent part of his audience via the internet. After 1 year of producing, his musical career made an interesting turn in 2011, when Mole asked him for collaboration in making the track called “Bro/Coli”. In the song, Artur’s relaxing progressive melodies, and Mole’s powerful electro style is making a mixture, which results a wild and melodic club hit. After that, Artur returned to the roots, and created “Sunday Morning” and “Piano Fiction” which both ended up as a great success among the listeners.

This youngblood from Russia recently released the original “Hero” off Deception Records and immediately caught my attention. The track has a unique progressive vibe and it makes for a great dance floor jam. Listen below and be sure to grab the download via the SoundCloud player…



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